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Portable Motion Control
Raised to a Higher Plane


     The Most Advanced Systems in the East, featuring the Academy Award Winning Zebra by Sorensen Design International . . . precision, portable, real-time motion control for studio or location shooting . . . live action or stop motion:

Motion Control Dolly Boom Motion control dolly/boom system with lens
   heights in excess of 10 ft.
Motion Control L-Heads Advanced moco "L-heads" for pan, tilt, and full
   360 degree nodal roll

Motion Control Model Movers Model movers, turntables and rigs
Motion Control Perception Video Recorder Perception Digital Video record/playback

We also provide:

Motion Control Encoding Encoding of manual heads, dollies, and camera
  cranes for encoded camera motion capture
Motion Control Data Interpolation Data interpolation and post effects coordination   for porting of camera motion data to CGI

Don Canfield
Motion Control Supervisor, Consultant

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