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ZEBRA Specifications


     The ZEBRA allows a full range of camera motion, with a three-axis head providing Pan, Tilt, and Roll (or Dutching) of the camera. It's flexibility, speed of setup, and precision is unmatched in portable motion control. Included with the standard system package is 30' of track offering about 27' of travel. More track is available.

     Its Kuper Controls RTMC130 software is the industry standard and allows precise camera and system control from stop or go motion animation, through time lapse and variable interval shooting; to high speed shooting at frame rates up to 150 fps. It also allows for import/export of move data to or from CGI or other systems, and fast graphic move editing.

     A special software feature allows all moves to be centered at the nodal point of the lens, greatly simplifying move programming with probe or snorkel lenses (for tabletop work), or for matching moves in different scale ratios.

Range of Motion
Pan 360 degrees, continuous 90 degrees/sec.
Tilt 360 degrees, continuous 90 degrees/sec.
Roll (Dutch)
360 degrees, continuous 90 degree/sec.
Motion Control Track 27' range on 30' included
Motion Control Track 100' optionally available
Motion Control Track 4 ft./sec. with   stepper drive
Motion Control Track 7 ft./sec. with
   servo drive
Boom (vert.)

Motion Control Boom 5.5 ft. total travel in any
Motion Control Boom underslung low lens limit is 6 in.
   below track
Motion Control Boom overslung high lens limit is 10ft.
Motion Control Boom switch head from under to
   overslung in under 5 minutes

5 ft. in less than 3 secs.
Swing (horiz.) 180 degrees (about 7.5 ft.) in less than 5 secs.  
Focus mounts to fit virtually any lens with gear ring, encoders for Assistants  
Zoom mounts to fit virtually any lens with gear ring, encoders for Assistants  
Cameras Motion Control Cameras Direct control of Lynz Robotics C-50 or Jackson-Woodburn    motors, or of any stepper motor controlled camera.
Motion Control Cameras System slaves to shutter pulse of Arriflex, Panavision, and other    sync camera motors.
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