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The Hardware
     The Academy Award winning ZEBRA Motion Control Dolly is the first serious, real-time portable motion control system in the east. Designed and built by Sorensen Design International, the ZEBRA represents a breakthrough in precision portability and efficiency and has been proven in hundreds of hours of effects photography on many feature films and countless TV commercials . Michael Sorensen, the designer of the ZEBRA system, received an Academy Award for advancing the state of the art of real-time motion control technology for the creation of the ZEBRA system. The Gear+Rose ZEBRA is the only one of its kind operating on the East Coast. In addition to the full ZEBRA system, G+R also offers:
Motion Control Zebra The advanced ZEBRA "L-Head" w/ Pan, Tilt, and full    360 degree nodal roll capability (accepts Panavision,    Arri, MovieCam, Mitchell Fries, VistaVision).
Motion Control Model Movers Model movers, turntables, and rigs.
Motion Control Perception Digital Video Recorder Perception Digital Video record / playback
Motion Control Encoders Encoders and mounting hardware for encoding of   manual heads, dollies, and camera cranes.

The Software
      Kuper Controls RTMC software, from Academy Award Statue winner Bill Tondreau, capable of controlling as many as 16 channels of motion.

The Expertise
     With 20+ years of motion control experience, Don Canfield is more than simply a motion control operator. He is a problem solver with the ability to advise and guide clients towards the best solutions to their motion control needs. We encourage clients to consult with us in the bidding and pre-production stages to ensure a smooth integration of motion control components and ancillary requirements into the production as a whole.

Our Other Services
      Beyond motion control, G+R also offers camera data motion capture, data interpolation and post effects coordination for the porting of motion data to CGI.

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