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     Gear+Rose was started as a joint venture between NY based motion control specialist Don Canfield and post production veteran Eliot Tuckerman. Eliot has since left the business. Don Canfield's 20+ years industry experience has established him as one of the most knowledgeable motion control operators and consultants in the country.

     Gear+Rose, whose name and logo were inspired by the idea of a synergy of art and technology, was formed for the sole purpose of filling a production service niche: bringing a higher level of sophistication to live action motion control in the New York production community. The result is the availability in the New York and East Coast markets of advanced motion control hardware and techniques that previously was largely the province of west coast effects production companies. Gear+Rose is not a production company, but rather a provider of specialized equipment and services to the production community.

Gear + Rose Home Page
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